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Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 | 09:23
Image: 1599554 More Collected Independent Songs From The Mind, Pen, and Voice of Chuck D

The Black In Man is a part two of a songwriting recording journey. A solo project of RAP expression. The Black In Man is a title made from being a fan of Johnny Cash who was of course the Man In Black. Since the term ''Black'' has somehow been reduced to a swear while the N-Word has been CORP endorsed into a one word RAP anthem, the Black in Man is a stand up term.

A challenge with 8 songs that cover some good ground to clear the air. This album is built around the song Give WE The PridE by the great Mavis Staples, a staggering message by the this woman who has helped build the genre of soul movement songs.

Executive Producers, Chuck D & Gary G-Wiz, and Produced by Divided Souls

A1 140 TPH Intro
A2 Spread The Words (feat. Jahi of PE2.0 and Jasiri X)
A3 Give WE The PridE (feat. Mavis Staples)
A4 Get It Right Or Be Gone
A5 Ican (introducing PE2.0)
B1 Pic I Hate Every Inch Of You
B2 Leave With Your Own Mind
B3 Grudge (feat. Kyle ICE Jason)
B4 Say It Loud (feat. Kyle ICE Jason)
B5 140 TPH Outro Available from 20.11.2015
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