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Friday, Sep 11 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1599145 The Chap are back with The Show Must Go their most radical album to date.


1. What Are People For?
2. Post Doom Doom
3. He’d Rather Die. He’s Getting Ready
4. That’s Rich
5. Joy In Depression
6. Student Experience
7. Social Bob
8. Reunited With Cash
9. Guitar Messiah
10. Charitable Action
11. Jammer
12. Epic Tolerance
13. Society
14. Your Project, My Money
15. Partly People
16. Hey Youth
17. Franklos Mr Shanklos

The Chap return with their most radical album to date.Political rock never sounded so good!
The Eurogroup that should be massive: The Chap - a Brit, a Greek, two Germans and a half French (Brit).

After the immense futuristic irony of naming their 4th album "Well Done Europe" in 2010, The Chap Eurogroup choose to do "here and now" by tackling the political in rock music with the release of their 6th album "The Show Must Go" - a diatribe on the absolute certainty that rock music has not and will never ever change the world. It's the sound of despair in the face of awesome idiocy. Or, as the band put it: “In the midst of events that deeply affect our family and friends, we are united in the realisation: you can take Democracy out of Europe, but you can still tour Europe. Fuck you, Europe. We are The Chap, we are Europe.”

This is the bit where a good press release will say that the new album is a departure while staying true to the band's tradition. It's really true! „The show must go“ is a rock record, it's more urgent than previous Chap albums – but it's unmistakably The Chap, having transferred the energy of their live performance onto a record.

The band will be touring the UK and continental Europe from October and hopefully the US next year. Available from 23.10.2015
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