Saturday, Sep 05 2015 | 06:24
Image: 1599391 Nado16 saw Stratus take us all the way from the Gower Peninsula to the Adriatic, and now Swedish newcomer Gryningen beckons us into a sepia dream for Aficionado's third 10" special.

The latest example of Moonboots & Boardman's fine ear for talent, the mysterious Gryningen appears out of the shadowy Stockholmsnatt without a word or a website, on hand to lead us right through the looking glass. The opiated drones of 'Tvu Kvarter Frun Vintergatan' set the tone from the off, shifting and shimmering while languid synths lazily embrace you amid the gentle roll of the groovesome rhythm section.

As the opener drifts out into the crashing waves, 'Jag Flyter Omkring I En Ask' rises from the Baltic Sea with a lilting sway and understated melody.
Cosmic sequences sparkle like water in the moonlight and the subtle textures of acoustic guitar and chimes send us deeper into slumber. The organ-led 'Slia Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet' tumbles down through the ocean murk into a subaquatic terrain of dubby reverb and psychedelic echo, illuminated occasionally by the refracted shimmer of chiming keys.

From that moment of nocturnal shade we soar into the light on the swooning, swaying beauty of 'Frun Andra Hand Till Strnnderna I Nice'. Born out of the hazy childhood memory of matinee performances and fine white sand, this exotica inspired beauty warms the soul with its cinematic sense of wonder, all told through orchestral intricacy and steady guitar.

This is a dream you'll want to have again and again. Officially Aficionado.

A1. Tvu Kvarter Frun Vintergatan
A2. Jag Flyter Omkring I En Ask
B1. Slia Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet
B2. Frun Andra Hand Till Strnnderna I Nice Available from 30.10.2015
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