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Wednesday, Aug 19 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1599010 Having previously lent her quirky voice to the London based cosmic jazz collective Nostalgia 77 and reknowned German beatmaker Dexter, Josa Peit settled into the lab and developed an intriguing musical sphere of her own. On her Debut EP Constellation, Josa Peit has crafted her own brand of soul miniatures, emerging under influences of house, disco, krautrock, psych, and hip hop.

Josa Peit mostly defies conventional song expectations yet leaves the listener rewarded all the same. An alchemist in search of the unlikely balance of elements, she embraces analog and digital sound. It's indeed a strange balance created here - elegant minimalistic funk and soul played by Josa on synthesizers, wurlitzer, bass guitar, percussion and more, mixed with dusty samples that she puts together with a certain idiosyncratic bad-ass attitude. The 6 tracks allude to one another, yet are each a statement on their own.

After the intro's organ and vocals tease us, Dawn opens up like a mantra for what's to come. Originally written by the acclaimed Los Angeles based Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson under the moniker of Build An Ark, Josa's adaptation is reduced to its core: a catchy bass hook, handclaps, and her soulful, vigorous vocals. This is the closest it gets to a normal song structure on this record.

The title piece Constellation drags us right into Josa Peit collage territory. A gritty organ hook, an obscure choir and single tape-fueled sounds lead into a fanciful rhythm-shifting housey piece, driven by cymbals and bass science. With divaesque ardour, Josa's voice insists 'never mind the constellation'.

On Sly we get Josa Peit letting the funk out. Trippy funk definitely, with roaring organ pitches and a driving disco kickdrum. Confession Room keeps up the funk, adding a breakbeat vibe, dazzling with Josa's pitched-down vocals. The title plays with the idea of an imaginary music platform where artists could anonymously release raw material.

The closing piece leaves you reminiscing, like a loop leading back to the beginning. Blended memories, perfectly standing for what makes Josa's music special. It's an inviting openness to the moment, allowing itself to slip into the irrational. Yet it magically doesn't fall apart.

For the B side, acclaimed beat wizards Max Graef and Glenn Astro teamed up for a remix of Constellation, turning it into outer space dance music. Last not least, aforementioned producer Dexter delivers a smooth hip-hoppy take on the piece, excellent car cruising material indeed.


A1. IN
B2. CONSTELLATION (DEXTER REMIX) Available from 11.09.2015
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