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Friday, Aug 14 2015 | 03:26
Image: 1598749 Southern California / Escondido native, BRIAN ELLIS, rattles the world with "IN THE DARK"! 8 electrifying song arrangements that offer a glimpse of the hi-beams peeking through the creative doorway of BRIAN ELLIS' imagination. Each song is a exciting ride through sonic fantasy, starting with "BOOGIE BOX" which unlocks the dimension with hyperbolic drum and bass arrangements, and welcomes you into a world of explosive funk ! Now that you're in tuned into the plane of this MODERNFUNK, you can enjoy the ride on the back of BRIAN ELLIS' "BANANA SEAT" and glide into the future with the ease of sensational chords that hold the melody at the highest peak, revealing a view of a masterful arrangement that's like watching stars fall out of the sky with the one you adore! "IN THE DARK" is the compass that allows listeners find themselves, while getting lost in the groove! "FLIPPED" off is the light switch that allows us to travel through the mysteries of "IN THE DARK" this masterful FUNK takes your hand and blasts off into zone only BRIAN ELLIS can navigate to, finding yourself dancing among the stars! "MOONLIGHT SHADOWS" an original dialogue that's a electrifying reflection of the sound of the Pacific West Coast! We throw it back into high gear and cruise down a very special lane of "ONE TWENTY", the sophistication of this FUNK runs in a class of his own, a model of funk that accelerates pass average initiatives, and races creativity with a high octane guitar solo to the end! There's no end to a good thing, love is infinite, as displayed with the cool piece "Digital Love" which brings in listeners for a a sonic embrace with soothing chords and guitar licks that don't shy away from the funk at its core, thanking listeners for riding on a journey through creation with BRIAN ELLIS! "SAITO" acts a encore that seals the "IN THE DARK" experience with a feature with SASAC, these two masterful planes meet in the stars to deliver listeners back to the pyramids! BRIAN ELLIS - IN THE DARK !

1. Boogie Box 05:01
2. Banana Seat 03:50
3. In The Dark 03:56
4. Flipped 04:03
5. Moonlight Shadows 03:47
6. One Twenty 03:45
7. Digital Love 04:33
8. Saito featuring Sasac 04:09 Available from 25.09.2015
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