Friday, Aug 07 2015 | 05:01
Image: 1597589 !K7 is proud to announce Graspers, a debut album from UK live
and studio duo, AKASE, aka Harry “Midland” Agius and Robbie

Their album was recorded over the course of two years in Harry’s
studio in South East London. Both members of the group had
equal input, putting to good use their respective backgrounds
and in*uences, in the end coming up with something new, fresh
and absorbing. With a helping hand from legendary producer
and studio wizard Ewan Pearson of Kompakt Records association,
this album has come together naturally, at its own pace, with
no outside pressures, and that really shows.
At just 44 minutes long, Graspers is all about capturing
emotions and brief moments in time, and it does that expertly.
Kicking o* with the broody, swelling ‘Adrift,’ the album unfolds
through glitchy beats and pained vocal lines on ‘Rust’ before
tracks like ‘Beseech’ de-humanise Redway’s vocals into fractured
organic textures.
Percussion ranges from crisp and sharp to slick and uplifting and
Redway’s voice takes on many di*erent forms. At once pained,
at other times carefree, it lends a compelling edge to the
variously frazzled, *oating, staccato and sombre drums and
synths that frame and drive each track.
This is a timeless album that stands up to intimate headphone
listening, but it also works for post break-up nights in and
emotionally laden post club afterparties. With live shows also in
the pipeline, Graspers is sure to resonate across 2016.


01 / A1 Adrift
02 / A2 Rust
03 / A3 Borderlines
08 / B3 Deft Ways
09 / B4 Feel A Little
10 / B5 Graspers
11 / B6 Extract
04 / A4 Beseech
05 / A5 Call
06 / B1 Is It Because
07 / B2 Murmur

Thom Yorke, Midland, George Fitzgerald,
Nicolas Jaar, Caribou, Four Tet, Gold Panda,
Darkstarr, Apparat, Moderat, Howling Available from 22.01.2016
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