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Wednesday, Aug 05 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1598737 A. Magnetize B. Resurge /

It’s been roughly 2 decades since the Jigmastas first emerged
in the late 90’s. With a classic album, a classic EP, a worldwide
fanbase and stacks of timeless singles under their previous
imprint, Beyond Real, indie Hip Hop as it exists today would
not be the same without their contributions. The duo consists
of MC Kriminul aka Krim, one the most lethal mc’s of his era
and DJ/producer, DJ Spinna who arguably is the hardest working
man in the industry. The immortal GURU of Gang Starr, spoke
profoundly in 1998 on how he and DJ Premier employed “certain
formulas and updated with the times”. Those words of wisdom
apply to any art form and the same can be said for the Jigmastas.
Ironically, out of mutual respect and admiration, the group would
collaborate with GURU in 2002 on their 12”, “So What”. The scene
and business has morphed dramatically over the last decade
and when both men focused on adapting to change, their
output as a unit gradually slowed down leaving fans across the
globe asking, “Who, what, where and why?” Rest assured, the
Jigmastas are still intact. Though it is very common throughout
history we see our favorite teams disassemble, these brothers
cherish their musical union.
With a new album on the horizon, Krim and Spinna prepared 2
potent selections for their first release in over a decade. The lead
single, “Magnetize” resumes, exactly where you remember these
guys. At their finest, “Magnetize” is “JIG’s” all the way from edge
to center label. Kriminul is witty and righteously aggressive while
DJ Spinna provides his signature yet futuristic soundscape. The
track is fluently so magnetizing, it’s infectious. True heads will
certainly appreciate the raw amped boomin’ boom bap for 2015.
On the flip, “Resurge” is a B-side offering the perfect contrast.
Identically strong as it’s lead, “Resurge” shows maturity in the
gentlemen. Full of punchlines, Kriminul’s lyricism graces over
everything from social and political issues to how seriously he
takes his artistry. Spinna’s track is a superb setting of melodic
chords and groovy bass for the mc to reflect on. Released on
black vinyl on Beyond Real Records, “Magnetize” B/W “Resurge”
includes a full color jacket to compliment the 7”. On the strength
of this release, listeners can only crave more. According to
DJ Spinna, there’s a lot more in store, but for starters, he and
Kriminul just want you to know, “We’re BAAAAAAACK!!” Available from 04.09.2015
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