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Friday, Jul 31 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1598233 After his standout debut EP on the label in 2012, Nick Sinna is now back on TrusMe's Prime Numbers label with three more searing Techno tracks that come complete with a remix from VRIL.

Sinna is a Manchester native with the city's rich musical heritage running through his veins. From D&B to Hip Hop and on to House and Techno, he has a diverse array of influences but distills them all into his own rugged sound, often made using some authentic bits of hardware.

The excellent title track here is 'Black Rose'. With an electro tinged bassline, tough synth riffs and darkened vocals repeating the title's refrain it is a powerful, forceful track with a shadowy sense of mood. As such it's exactly the sort of thing that will lock down dance floors for days. Remixing this one is Delsin and Giegling artist VRIL, who flips it into a lo-fi, grainy and seriously dubbed out techno roller.

The brilliant 'What List?' has a more lumpy groove at its heart as well as some clipped ghetto vocal stabs and big rubbery bass stomps. It's a raw and arresting track with classic cow bells, groaning machine noises and funked up percussive patterns. The final original is the slower, more purposeful but seriously heavyweight 'No Rules', with its blown out bass sounds, clattering drum hits and rattling synth lines. There's a subtle sense of soul emanating from its core in the form of some lush pads, yet still it retains a real sense of physicality.

B. NO RULES Available from 11.09.2015
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