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Wednesday, Jul 22 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1598486 1. Harvey Sutherland - That's The Fact, Jack 2. K-Maxx - Wake Up 3. XL Middleton - One and Only 4. Social Lovers - Can't Let It Go 5. Moon B - Back On 6. Timothy J. Fairplay - Rooftop Meeting / "Endeavors", the 4th compilation from Voltaire Records, explores the vibes of boogie, disco, modern funk, and whatever the hell type of music is also on there that doesn't fit into those aforementioned genres. It's the music that a bunch of nasty psychotic animals would be jamming in a festering urban back alley, as shown on the compilation cover, illustrated by Oakland- based artist, Jessie California / Harvey Sutherland, hailing from Melbourne, kicks off the compilation with “That’s The Fact, Jack” a drifting G-Funky/Rhodes composition that glides smoothly along like a cutlass supreme in the slow lane. K-Maxx, of the Sweater Funk crew, next takes on production and MC duty on “Wake Up”, and churns out a heavy boogie-soul testament to the female persuasion. XL Middleton closes out the A side with “One and Only” an uptempo boogie-slapper accompanied by his signature shredding keyboard lead. On the B Side, Social Lovers start it off with the deep disco cut “Can’t Let It Go”, which dubs along as vocalist Megan D weavaes her sultry vocals between polyrhythmic percussion. Moon B next challenges the dancefloor to pinpoint his sound to a specific era, location, or vibe...and comes up with the atmospheric groove of "Back On". Timothy Fairplay closes out the comp with the sinister rolling sci-fi cut “Rooftop Meeting”, an altruistic anthem of computer hardware mayhem, that defies time and space Available from 28.08.2015
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