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Friday, Jul 03 2015 | 06:27
Image: 1598047 Time? Astonishing! Is the latest dimensional warp from hip-hop's premiere astral traveler. His union with MMG producer L'Orange finds him exploring uncharted terrain: choppy volcanic rock planets, ice glacier moons, new surgical procedures, and fresh rappers to toss into the ether. The scalpel remains eternally sharp.

Even a flying DeLorean seems too conventional for the Bronx legend. He'd more logically orbit throughout the galaxy in a gleaming chrome spaceship, teaching the stars and aliens new forms of originality. He is too weird to live, too rare to die, too uniquely ultra-magnetic to be accurately mimicked.

L'Orange's production appropriately coaxes the most appealingly baffling gonzo vision from Keith since his days collaborating with Dan ''The Automator'' Nakamura. This isn't the noir-rap of L'Orange's previous work, but something atmospheric, ethereal, and absurd.

Yet there's a sense of tradition within the playfulness. The beats glow with radioactive grit. Hard enough to knock from your car speakers, cinematic and plutonium-propelled enough to transport you to strange terra firma. Buck Rodgers movie serials meet boom-bap. And along for the odyssey are a cast of the best underground MC's of the last decade: Blu, Open Mike Eagle, Mr. Lif, J-Live, and more.

Welcome to the new world, even more sinister and suspenseful than the last one. We live inastonishing times: abstract, absurd, and indelibly Kool.


1. Time? Astonishing!
2. The Traveler (feat. J-Live)
3. The Green Ray
4. Twenty Fifty Three (feat. Mr. Lif)
5. Meanwhile, Back Home (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
6. The Wanderer
7. This New World (feat. Blu, Montage One, DJ Trackstar)
8. Dr. Bipolar
9. Suspended Animation (feat. MC Paul Barman)
10. I Need Out Of This World (feat. MindsOne)
11. Upwards. To Space!
12. Days I Used To Know
13. Sometimes I Feel (Bonus)
Available from 14.08.2015
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