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Tuesday, Jun 30 2015 | 06:27
Image: 1598062 Your favorite torn, frayed jeans. A stack of Marshalls. That leather jacket you broke in so well that it wears you,
instead of the other way 'round. Low-slung Les Pauls. Raising your fists to your favorite anthem. Driving too damn
fast on an open road through the heartland, thinking about what could have been.
Rum Bar Records presents to you, the other
band from Rockford IL… Mono In Stereo!!
Formed by members of 90’s pop punk stalwarts Mulligan Stu, Billy Maynard, Kevin Kalen, and
Mike Melenas packed up their 6 and 4 strings, stacked up the amps, grabbed a six- pack, drove
their van into the ground, and with new skin basher Jordan Acosta in tow, hit the garage, cranked
up the volume, and churned out some serious heartland rock ‘n’ roll anthems for the punk rock
youth in all of us.
Saddle up to the Rum Bar and pound down " Long For Yesterday": 12 shots of adrenaline with
fist- pumping choruses, lyrics that’ll stick like gum to yer shoe, and belted- out vocals that’ll
stand the test of time and appeal to fans of The Gaslight Anthem, Jesse Malin, Old 97’s, Lucero,
Butch Walker, Husker Du, Superchunk...and that other band from Rockford IL, too.
Including the soon to be (or else!!) anthemic, gut- wrenching heartland hits “Long For Yesterday”,
“Monty Nolder”, "Start Again", "Feels Alright", and "Woke Up in Haight" (cause it feels

FFO: The Gaslight Anthem, Jesse Malin, Old 97s, Lucero, Butch Walker, Husker Du, Superchunk

1. Late Night Confessor
2. Long For Yesterday
3. What We Sang
4. Start Again
5. Monty Nolder
6. Born Again To Lose
7. Woke Up In Haight
8. Never Let It Go
9. Never Coming Down
10. Feels Alright
11. Bakersfield
12. Another Man’s Time
Available from 07.08.2015
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