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Monday, Jun 29 2015 | 08:17 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

J-Felix“101 Reasons” is the debut album from new signing J-Felix on Tru Thoughts. The album showcases the Brighton based producer’s addictive musical style, with a heavy ’80s funk lilt, Jazz inflections and a dubby rhythmic driving force. Originally from Bristol, Joe F Newman grew up on a diet of D&B, hip hop and dubwise music, and was inspired by the approach of those he saw taking the DIY route in the electrically exciting scene of his hometown. After discovering the sources of so many of the samples he heard, he then fell in love with all things funk, jazz and soul, developing a particular taste for the P-funk and boogie sounds which now come through heavily in his music. “The 80’s wasn’t good for much, so I often hear, but when it comes to funk it was a fantastic decade!” he enthuses. Eager to create his own sonic stamp, J-Felix steers away from samples in his music, instead layering up his own vocal and instrumental performances; self-taught on a range of instruments including drums, guitar, bass, keys and synths, he has an impressive range to choose from at his fingertips. The “101 Reasons” EP was released in January 2015, offering an upfront taster of three album tracks, building excitement for the full length. The summer sees J-Felix taking the album to the stage with a full band alongside a busy DJ schedule.


01. 101 Reasons
02. Patience feat. Abi Flynn
03. Late Night S.O.S
04. Reason 90 [The Funky Individual]
05. Don’t Mean A Thing
06. Time feat. Abi Flynn
07. Keep It Up (Who’s Groove!?)
08. Lady T
09. Show ‘Em How It’s Done feat. Sophie Paul
10. Keep on (We Ain’t Here For Long)
11. Reason 1 [Moviestars]
12. Let me Go feat. Seychelles
13. So Nice (It’s Got To Be)
14. Reason 69 [Make U Mine]
15. One Of These Days (I Just Wanna Treat You Right)

The album J-Felix101 Reasons” (Tru Thoughts) is going to be released July 3, 2015.

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