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Wednesday, Jun 17 2015 | 06:28
Image: 1597829 The first release on Athens of the North spaced out sister label 'Ocean of Tears' had to be something obscure, weird and brilliant so here we are ... Forest Terry was a tripped out intellectual from Boston who dabbled his hands in electronics and psychedelic funk. His former band "Original Black Sheep" released a couple of top notch psychedelic funk records that would cost you a small fortune if you could find one, this 45 (Forrest's attempt at a solo career) is even more obscure. 'Satellite Love' is crazy psychedelic sex ballad, I wanted to put this out the first time I heard it (and it took some time to make it happen) . The flip is also a banger, a heavy break driven low-fi funk 45 which Forest uses to show off his Tri-Speed Moog Keytar Synthesizer Guitar skills, which incidentally he invented and patented. As a nod to the O.G label and in the spirit of Forests do it yourself attitude I had a go a drawing my own Keytar for our label, hope you like it. So hopefully this is the start of something wonderful, I label where we can put out those weird and wonderful records that don't fit anywhere else but deserve to be celebrated.

1. Satellite-Love
2. Branch-In-Out Available from 03.07.2015
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