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Wednesday, Jun 10 2015 | 06:29
Image: 1597685 A n a k is the second full-length from Los Angeles-based underground, ambient beat producer Chad Valencia, aka yuk, a founding member of My Hollow Drum DJ collective.

Valencia is also co-founder and head chef of rising Filipino pop-up restaurant Lasa. (See: "New wave of gives Filipino food a modern spin" – LA Weekly.)

After many years of keeping his passion for culinary arts separate from his personal musical output, a n a k represents a fusion of the two as cultural movements that share the same inspiration.

This is yuk's second full-length album, following a d w a, released by Leaving Records in 2010. A n a k artwork & design by Kristian Henson.

1.  entro
2.  abracadabra trash
3.  orange
4.  fullmooon // 4mama
5.  aftern()()n
6.  kyochon feat. Ahnnu
7.  001 feat. Delofi
8.  home
9.  moonfull
10.  earth smiling
11.  mndloop
12.  purple
13.  kuya was here feat. Mndsgn
Available from 10.07.2015
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