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Wednesday, Jun 10 2015 | 06:29
Image: 1597717 Finders Keepers trump everyone with the first ever vinyl pressing of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Don Cherry and Ronal Frangipane's amazing "lost" soundtrack to 'The Holy Mountain' - cue cups of tea spilt on keyboards and beards sparking everywhere!

Arguably the epitome of record collector holy grails, for four decades it has eluded frayed cuticles and smudged want-lists until the film's director, Jodorowsky, and his producer, Allen Klein, resolved their differences and finally relinquished the tapes, first for CD and now on wax, to a generation who weren't even born when the film was made.

Collecting original cues, composed-to-scene by a previously unparalleled line-up of luminaries from the worlds of prog-rock, jazz and psychedelia, it marks a highpoint of cross-cultural collaboration in the '70s - secretly funded by Yoko Ono & John Lennon, no less - reflective of the film's unfathomably cryptic narrative, itself based on René Daumal's fictitious 1952 mountaineering journal, and equally, that era's spirit of transcendent, explorative artistic freedom.

For anyone who's prostrated themselves at the fantastique cinema of 'The Holy Mountain' this soundtrack is certain to prompt strong flashbacks, but even if you haven't seen the film (what are you waiting for?!), its sonic corollary clearly stands tall as one of cinema's greatest, most sought-after soundtracks of all time.

First edition comes in a bespoke, heavyweight tip on-style gatefold with exclusive, extensive sleeve notes by Andy Votel plus contributions from Thurston Moore, Kieran Hebden and others. Remastered from original tapes, housed in artwork based on one of the rarest European posters for the film's initial release in ’73.

Also available: two more Jodorowsky soundtracks: El Topo and The Dance Of Reality. Available from 19.06.2015
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