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Friday, Jun 05 2015 | 06:28
Image: 1597467 Hypercolour welcome back the pairing of Lucretio and Marieu AKA the Analogue Cops.

A1. Lucretio - Vampire Killer (Original Mix)
A2. Lucretio - Shinobi World (Original Mix)
B1. Marieu - Corona (Original Mix)
B2. Marieu - McGraw (Original Mix)

Hypercolour welcome back the pairing of Lucretio and Marieu AKA the Analogue Cops. The Italian producers, now residing in Berlin, present 4 contrasting tracks of bit-crushed techno and loopy Chicago House armed and ready for this summer’s parties. Having previously released two EPs on our HYPE LTD label, the pair follows up with more dancefloor certified vinyl of pure analogue goodness.

EP opener ‘Vampire Killer’ is a Lucretio’s ode to bit crushed Techno, with 135+ beats per minute of face melting, drum machine funk. Beautifully distorted melodies (taken from the game Vampire Killer on the MSX2) contrast with distilled analogue rhythms to transport the listener to some lost world of computer games and 6am Techno.

‘Shinobi’ continues side A’s theme of chip/game music twisted for the warehouse. Bitty melodic phrases push the track into orchestral territory, with heady arpeggios and feel good melodies evoking shades of late night Sega and SNES sessions and the days of proto-house.

‘Corona’ is Marieu’s first contribution to the EP, taking his side of the wax into harder, darker territory. Deep, sine wave bass, impeccably mixed drums and a vocal lick that creeps into the mix without introduction, ‘Corona’ is a short sharp shock of a track. EP closer, ‘McGraw’, waltzes into vintage Chicago territory, with looping funk samples and slamming drums, this track proves you don’t need 20 channels to make a burner. Pure 4-track House simplicity at it’s best. Available from 31.07.2015
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