Saturday, May 16 2015 | 06:30
Image: 1597283 Time Wharp, the eponymous debut full-length of Atlanta-
born, Brooklyn-based producer Patrick Loggins, is an
uplifting treatise on minimal synth wave and house music.
The album reveals a patiently crafted sound rife with
depth and subtle complexities. Previous releases,
including 2012’s BLK EP for Astro Nautico, fitted simple
sine and triangle tones to stripped down emotive beats
and bass. On Time Wharp, Loggins extends this sonic
signature to combine meditative synthesis with house
and techno. The result is versatile, fueling dancefloor
excitement and introspective pause in equal share - a
kinetic calm constantly at play with its own duality.
Chopped up live drum patterns and mantric vocal hooks
provide the album’s rhythmic sediment, with insistent
saxophones and walled up synth bliss washing in and out
of the stereo field for dynamic effect. On ‘Market Solution’
and ‘Tophat,’ mesmeric synthesizers take the fore,
brooding and bubbling over no-nonsense four-on-the-
floor drum shuffles. The placid library tones and ambient
textures of ‘Castle’ and ‘Median’ provide a peaceful,
contemplative foil, until triumphant, upbeat singles like
‘Cole Dub’ break the spell, inheriting the glorious soulful
clarity and dancefloor efficiency of New York house.
Throughout Time Wharp’s eight tracks, an air of
patience and maturity is born of repetition, the hallmark
of a producer who has effectively fused his influences
into a focused sound that is his own. A long-time Astro
Nautico collaborator, Loggins plays a pivotal role in
electronic music scenes in Boston and New York via
his JASS imprint. As Time Wharp he has toured Europe
and the United States with such acts as Teebs, Baths,
Sonnymoon and Low Limit.

Long-awaited debut full-length by Time Wharp, who
has previously released music with Astro Nautico and
runs his own Boston-based imprint, JASS Records

First single ‘Cole Dub’ premiere on FADER

Forthcoming remixes by FaltyDL and Low Limit,
music videos by Paris Group International

Has toured with Flying Lotus, Teebs, Sonnymoon,
Baths and more.

1. Pneumatic For The People
2. Works
3. Market Solution
4. Median
5. Cole Dub
6. Rag
7. Castle
8. Tophat Available from 12.06.2015
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