Friday, May 15 2015 | 03:29
Image: 1597277 EDO. G is back in 2015 with a new project entirely produced by Street Wyze, the newly signed duet of beatmakers on
On the RAP side, as Boston's most iconic rapper, EDO. G evolves on the tracks with his distinctive flow and one of a kind
tone of voice.
Even though this album might seem concise, it remains wide when it comes to the various themes broached.
Sometimes deep sound like on "G-Lo ( R.I.P. )", sometimes more personal on "Sorta Way" but always penetrating, Edo has
that capacity to touch the audience emotionally by the diversity of his lyrics or every simple nuance of his voice.
On the production side, Street Wyze is delivering massive beats which provide a perfect platform to the Boston rapper to
express himself and give shape to his writings. Ingenious use of samples, kicks and hi-hats, everything is gathered to bring
the listeners to an "headnodic" state all along the project. Hard-hitting beats, catchy melodies, and an always "Real Hip-
Hop" sound perfectly tuned to the emcee so that you finally attend a perfect combination of skills.
As for the guests, EDO. G teamed with long time accomplices Reks, Jaysaun and also with the new Boston scene
represented by G.Dot & Born. Fans who are familiar with our releases will also recognize some pioneers and close rappers
of the EFFISCIENZ label with Dirt Platoon, Fel Sweetenberg, Union Blak, Starvin B and Nutso. Dj Djaz and Dj Netik are
also part of the event and deliver some mind blowing scratches on several tracks.
In short, this little masterpiece will be out June 19 in digital, CD and colored vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies. In two
words : "BE PREPARED" !

01 Afterwords
02 Sorta Way feat. Reks (cuts by Dj Djaz)
03 MCing feat. Jaysaun (cuts by Dj Djaz)
04 The City
05 EFFISCIENZ Time feat. Dirt Platoon, Fel Sweetenberg, Starvin
B, Kimba & Nutso (cuts by Dj Djaz)
06 Roxbury
07 G-Lo (R.I.P.) feat. G.Dot & Born (cuts by Dj Djaz)
08 Last Man Standing (cuts by Dj Netik)
09 Trending
10 Après Les Mots
11 Sorta Way feat. Reks (Dj Brans Remix) (cuts by Dj Djaz)
12 MCing feat. Kimba (Union Blak Remix)
13 The City (Mil Remix)
14 G-Lo (R.I.P.) feat. G.Dot & Born (Fel Sweetenberg Remix) Available from 26.06.2015
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