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Friday, May 08 2015 | 06:30
Image: 1597149 The musical enigma that is Tapes on the equally mystifying Em Records... wow. Deluxe 2LP compilation of greatest bits and more.. We can't get enough of this guy at RH! We were hooked when we first heard his Jahtari output, then after the boss Meeuw Muzak and Police In Helicopter 7"s floored us - he's been popping up in the most unexpected places ever since. Sleeve Design by Tapes ..BIG HISSY TIP ON THIS ONE!
Shifting tectonic plates, as two island nations collide!
London, UK resident Jackson Bailey aka TAPES, makes Jamaica-drenched lo-fi bass music, a forward-looking mix of dub, dancehall and electro roots channeled and filtered through old-school rhythm machines, synths, spring reverb and delay, recorded with glorious grit on cassette, sometimes in the red, tape hiss intact but somehow sounding bigger, better and beatier than it should, with a sweet analog patina.

There's an aquatic feel here on this first full album from Bailey, a rich brew of deep and soulful sunny JA roots, hints of UK melancholy and Industrial smoke, even some icily funky NYC early Electro. With an old island soul and a new ear to the future, this first album from TAPES features six new tracks, plus ten other tracks previously issued on his own label and other labels, including Jahtari, in various formats, all gathered here, with new mixes, newly remastered.

With a total running time of 43 minutes, these 16 tracks are available on CD and on double 45RPM 12" vinyl. UK, JA, NYC: all these letters, and more, spell TAPES!

1. Helix Dub
2. Skankless Tascam
3. Dubbing in Bed
4. Gun Dance
5. Gold Love Riddim
6. Old Pan Sound
7. Brain Hunger Riddim (Digi mix)
8. Atomica Riddim (Police in Helicopter)
9. Skanking to Riddim
10. Phyzikal Dub
11. Pipe Cleaner - This Weed's Making Me Nervous (Disco Mix)
12. Freak Riddim
13. Ticker Tape
14. Good Thing You Came Along
15. Oberheimer
16. Tape V
Available from 12.06.2015
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