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Friday, May 08 2015 | 03:30
Image: 1596097 We are happy to announce the debut EP on Born Electric from multi-disciplinary musician, Matthias Voigt, aka Mias Void.

A1: Mias Void - Return To Bliss
A2: Mias Void - Return To Bliss (Ikonika Club Remix)
B1: Mias Void - Return To Bliss (The Model’s Dance To Trance Remix)
B2: Mias Void - Return To Bliss (Ikonika Bliss Pop Remix)

The signing of this track first began it’s life for us as The Model’s ‘Trance’ remix', which was easily the most ‘I.D’d track from my sets over the past year, to the point where I’ve been receiving irate messages from YouTube commenters demanding to know it’s name.
We didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag until we knew for sure we could release this bomb because the remix started it’s life out as a bootleg of Matthias Vogt’s excellent ‘Bliss’ track from 2011, realising that licensing it may not have been a possibility. Luckily Matthias is a kind and talented soul who decided this track would see new life under his Techno moniker ‘Mias Void’ and so ‘Return to Bliss’ was re-born anew.
I’ve taken a lot of stick online from people whilst trying to keep this track under wraps and I originally asked Romanian Radu aka The Model not to share the remix with his DJ friends for the time being to which he humbly replied that he "didn’t know many DJs in his Techno area who would play this Neo Trance stuff anyways”.
Hearing this made just re-affirmed to me how huge his remix was and also how we all as music fans can write off amazing tracks because they don’t happen to fit our idea of what is
To push this point even further, upon hearing Ikonika’s insanely fun eighties take on the Chvrches, we employed her for a remix and she delivered two racey Electro mixes, one ‘club' and one ‘pop’ version.
Alas, we needn’t worry here about being cool here because the brand new slick interpretation from Mias himself has been garnering attention from the likes of Berghain / Panorama Bar regular oliver deutschmann, who upon hearing Mias play it requested a copy instantly.
Who gives a f*ck about being cool when the music is this good?
Live long and Prosper. Available from 19.06.2015
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