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Wednesday, May 06 2015 | 06:30
Image: 1597083 Originally released back in 2012, the Red Apples 45
collective LUV NY, featuring AG & OC of DITC, Roc
Marciano, Kurious, Dave Dar, Kool Keith, and producer
Ray West, set the Bronx-based record label in a new
The collaborative album received a placement at
number 7 in the the Village Voice’s Ten Best NYC Rap
Albums of 2012 and caught a spot on HipHop Dx’s
weekly “Slept-On But Dope Hip Hop Songs” at the
end of that year with the Ray West & AG track “These
Rappers Under The Hex”.
In 2013, the LUV NY concept returned for a limited-
edition cassette-only EP titled The Snake Tape.
This featured some of the original cast and new
appearances from Lord Tariq & L Fudge.
Now in 2015, courtesy of Red Apples 45 & Fat
Beats Distribution, LUV NY finally gets a double
vinyl treatment, combining both releases as the LUV
NY Collective. This includes new artwork and an
unreleased song featuring AG & Lord Tariq. This will be
the first of several major releases for the Red Apples
45 camp this year.

1. Intro
2. Legacy Flag (feat. O.C.)
3. Egyptology (feat. AG, Roc
4. Snake Charmer (feat. AG,
Bamboo Bros)
5. Extreme Status (feat. AG,
Kool Keith)
6. The Ritual (feat. Sean G)
7. Shorties Watching (feat.
8. These Rappers Under
The Hex (feat. AG)
9. Last Night Finesse (feat.
Dave Dar)
10. Remember U (feat. Kool
11. Pressure Up (feat. Kool
Keith, Roc Marciano)
12. The Blues Got Ya (feat.
AG, Roc Marciano)
13. Acid (feat. O.C.)
14. Random (feat. AG)
15. BX Intro (feat. Lord Tariq)
16. Don’t Know Why (feat.
Kool Keith & Kurious)
17. Snake Charmer 3 (feat.
AG, Kurious, Dave Dar)
18. Role Call (feat. Lord
19. Ahead Of Time (feat. AG)
20. Hit-Men Prelude (feat.
Dave Dar & L Fudge)
21. Stereotypes (feat. Dave
Dar & L Fudge)
22. Me And Mine (feat. Dave
23. TRUTH (Phil Moffa
Remix) (feat. AG)
24. It’s All Bad (feat. AG &
Lord Tariq) Available from 12.06.2015
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