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Thursday, Apr 23 2015 | 06:30
Image: 1596750 On the leading edge of NYC’s underground music scene, Vito Ricci produced only a handful of self-­-released cassettes and one LP between 1983-­-1985 with most of his work being recorded for experimental theatre and performance art pieces.
Taking their label name from Vito Ricci’s only LP, Music From Memory brings together a compilation of works by one of the unsung heroes of New York’s downtown music scene.

Starting out as a percussionist, Ricci’s early musical journey led him to improvised and experimental jazz, working alongside such luminary musicians as Rashied Ali, Byard Lancaster, Peter Zummo and Yousef Yancey.

Quickly becoming involved in the avant-­-garde scene with spoken word performances, film scores for independent movies and even playing in punk bands with performances at venues such as CBGB’s and Mudd Club, Vito’s own compositions drew on all of these influences whilst channeling them through his experiments with synthesizers and drum computers.

Drawing comparisons with New York’s downtown No-­-wave scene Vito’s compositions blend his unique use of intricate percussion with a wide sphere of musical influences to create a world of hypnotising ambient, meditative minimal-­-synth through to dubbed out electronic funk and even left-­-field boogie. With most of Vito Ricci’s music remaining previously unreleased, Music From Memory’s compilation ‘I Was Crossing A Bridge’ unveils Vito Ricci’s unique and visionary take on electronic music

1. The Ship Was Sailing
2. Hollywood
3. Music In Fourths
4. Dub It
5. Riverflow (Electronic)
6. Batchler
7. Commie Stories Part 5
8. I'm At That Party Right Now
9. Cross Court
10. Getting There
11. Commie Stories Part 9
12. Centre Of The Bridge
13. Deep Felt Music
14. Inferno Part 1
15. Inferno Part 3
16. Dox E Koo
17. Inferno Part 2
18. The Bride Available from 22.05.2015
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