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Wednesday, Apr 22 2015 | 12:29
Image: 1596717 J. Wiltshire returns with his new single False Awakening on Hypercolour.


A1. False Awakening (Original Mix)
A2. False Awakening (Clubby Tool Mix)
B1. False Awakening (Tuff City Kids Remix)
B2. False Awakening (Tuff City Kids Dub Copy)

J. Wiltshire follows up 2013’s Hypercolour single, “How It Is” with an offering that’s quite a leap from his seductive deep house sound, gracing us with a hugely mature sounding slice of brooding electro body popping bizzness!

In its Original Mix, “False Awakening” opens with delicate pizzicato synth plucks over a deadly electro-tinged beat that gets warped and crushed as dense sweeping strings and digital glitches come tumbling down on the unfolding arrangement. Like a neo-classical Underground Resistance, a funky as you like bass-line heralds in a discordant and haunting vocal line, which really ramps up the melancholic mood. All the while, the futuristic beat really propels this track along at an urgent pace. On his “Clubby Tool Mix”, Wiltshire digs into the mechanics of the track, slapping resonators on the drums and further manipulating the sound with some clever studio trickery.

Tuff City Kids, AKA Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer, come fresh from singles on Permanent Vacation and remixes for Numbers, Crème Organisation and Visionquest with their take on “False Awakening”. TCK come out guns a blazing with a heavy kick and abrasive hats, looping a fragment on the vocal whilst the stabby bass and 909 hats set the heady vibe here. A growling synth line unfurls and the remix pounds hard and heavy, a little melodic organ line its only respite from the pummeling groove. The duo throw in a beats mix, the “Dub Copy”, just like the old days, as a little tool to keep us all happy, job done!

Selected DJ reactions

Tom Trago – Vibes!
Maya Jane Coles – I’m in love with the TFC remix, full support!
Richy Ahmed (Hot Creations) – Amazing!
Darren Emerson – Going for the remix on this one, sounds great
DJ TLR (Crème) – TCK remix does the job
James Zabiela – F***ing awesome, all mixes!
Brett Johnson (Classic) – Yes! TCK mix is the lick!
Josh Wink – enjoying the sublime Original and Club Tool mix
Reboot (Cadenza) – TCK remixes for me!
Appleblim – One of the tunes of the year so far, so fat!
Adam Beyer (Drumcode) – Beat version is wicked
Soulphiction – Love the Original Mix
Anja Schneider (Mobilee) – The TFC remix for me!
Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode) – love the remixes, big!
Norman Nodge (Berghain) – The beat version seems to be a banger!
Bill Brewster (DJ History) – Really like the production and feel of the Original
Maxxi Soundsystem – Killer, and the TCK remix is so good Available from 22.05.2015
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