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Wednesday, Apr 08 2015 | 06:30
Image: 1596471 Cornish acid dance pioneer, Luke Vibert, dusts off the old gladrags and revives his cherished Kerrier District moniker for a new album this year on Hypercolour.

Having already released an album last year (the audacious 303 tweakathon ‘Ridmik’, released under the Luke Vibert name), Vibert returns to the label with a 14 track album as Kerrier District. “4” will be the first Kerrier album since 2004’s self titled long player for the legendary Rephlex label. Two singles also emerged from this project in 2006 and 2011, so it’s a huge scoop for the British imprint and a welcome return for Vibert’s disco and funk led project.

Digging into a huge pot of influence, and ably assisted with a trusty MPC, “4” is not surprisingly made up of a glorious collage of samples, old skool drum loops and large doses of acid funk and deep electronic disco, inspired in parts by the landmark “Black Devil Disco Club” EP from 1978 that has since gone on to influence the music of many like minded producers (step forward Metro Area/Daniel Wang et al).

A scan through the track titles (“Treacle Tits”? “Discuntek”?) reveal an album filled with humour and mischievous intent, most definitely a trait of many of Vibert’s past releases, but the music really is some serious business. From the album opener, “Discogram”, with its easy (listening) vibes and low slung groove, right the way through to the closing “Come On Kerrier” with its frenzied synth work, deadly bass and incessant vocal stabs, the album is a Technicolor romp through feel good modern funk music as only Kerrier knows how. Drawing upon a wealth of incredible source material, playful beat programming and lush bass, “4” is an album that will quite possibly soundtrack the Summer of 2015 for many, many people.

A1 Discogram
A2 It's The Disco
B1 Techno Disco
B2 London Grooves
C1 Funky Train
C2 Treacle Tits
D1 Brush The Bush
D2 Discotron
E1 Discuntek
E2 Sexspurt
F1 Live Disco
F2 Come on Kerrier Available from 15.05.2015
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