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Wednesday, Apr 01 2015 | 06:31
Image: 1596376 Turn on, tune in and drop out - Aficionado are back once again to fully adjust your frequencies. Riding coastal breeze and gulf stream down from the north, Swedish space cadets Farbror Resande Mac made a positive connection with Manchester's Balearic chieftains and beamed aboard the SS NADO for five boundless expeditions into distant sound space.

'Hagringen' makes its way out of the main hanger on a steady bass pulse and mechanical percussion, punches coordinates for the Tannhauser Gate and makes the jump into hyperspace. At once graceful but intense thanks to stately synth washes and insistent acid lines, it isn't long before we're watching c-beams glitter in the dark.

From here to an eternity of blissful soma as 'Chemtrails' dopes us up on the observation deck, watching the wonders of the galaxy unfold in 5D. The steady bass pulse rumbles on in the background but we're too far gone in a nebula of swirling synth and expansive guitar to pay much attention.

Cosmic winds scatter our thoughts here and there like the gentle rain of percussion which mists the latter stages of the track. Even astronauts get homesick, so head to the holodeck and drink in the sounds and sights of midnight in the city. 'Stockholmsnatt' joins you at the bar in a red dress, listens to your troubles with a seductive rhythm, flatters you with coastal guitars and pulls you close for a slow dance with a full bodied sax right out of your night fantasies.
After a moment's R&R the mission continues with 'Pacific Northeast', an atmospheric journey into the Froesean galaxy where kosmische chords and proggy guitars follow the trace of high definition sequences and ancient rhythms.

And just like that we're at our destination, cruising through the heart of the love quadrant, strung out on 'Quaaludes' preparing for one last space walk.
Gentle guitar licks flirt with a swaying slow beat as Farbror Resande Mac send us spinning into infinity with a final, heart swelling melody.

Officially Aficionado.

B3. QUAALUDES Available from 01.05.2015
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