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Wednesday, Mar 18 2015 | 06:32
Image: 1596115 'The First Day' is the debut album from French producer Will Galland, aka Quiet Dawn. Since signing to First Word in 2014, Quiet Dawn has released two singles, 'New Dawn' featuring Oddisee (including a remix from Eric Lau) and the more recent 'Golden Moments' featuring Sarah Gessler. These served as the perfect introduction to QD's style, with jazz, hip-hop and broken beat influences combined to create something that is very much his own sound.

'The First Day' is a concept album of sorts, a human journey based on one day - specifically the first day in search of love. This takes in many forms, peaceful familial love (Aurora, Hold Them Close), introspective love (The Trap, Golden Moments) and of course romantic love (Dusk, After Sex). Each track is linked to a specific time of day, taking the listener on a personal trip through time.

The album highlights Quiet Dawn's musical philosophy - particularly his desire to share the limelight with fellow musicians and artists. An introverted character as a person, his extroverted side comes out in his musical life. Consequently the album is dotted with collaborations. Miles Bonny, Oddisee, Theory Hazit, Sarah Gessler, Dandy Teru, Barrio and Majnun all add their talents to the album, with QD effortlessly blending their disparate skills with ease.

1. Auror
2. New Dawn (feat. Oddisee)
3. Hold Them Close (feat. Miles Bonny)
4. The Trap
5. Grow Old, Pt. 2 (feat. Theory Hazit)
6. Golden Moments (feat. Sarah Gessler)
7. Waters II (feat. Dandy Teru)
8. Zoe (feat. Barrio)
9. Dusk (feat. Manjun)
10. After Sex
11. New Dawn (Ohmega Watts Remix) [feat. Oddisee & Catalina Bellizzi]
12. Golden Moments (Lil' Dave Remix) [feat. Sarah Gessler] Available from 17.04.2015
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