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Saturday, Mar 14 2015 | 09:31
Image: 625094 A completely unknown funk track from presumably the late sixties that until now has been previously unheard outside of a small circle of interested potential buyers. The two sides are taken from a recently discovered acetate from the US west coast, no known master tapes are in existence, so the 45 has been mastered direct from the acetate, but one would never know as the quality is as good as any rival release on todays funk re-issue market. The sound is a raw and unashamedly blatant take on the superheavy James Brown sound.

Nothing is known about 'Troubled Soul', who they were, where or when they recorded this, most certainly a local band comprised of amateur musicians just starting out and attempting to cash in on the late sixties funk phenomena by recording this.

Sadly they clearly didn't make it in that incarnation, as the 45 never saw the light of day nor have the band ever been heard of elsewhere.

The 45 is a fantastic insight into the local funk scene of the late sixties having little production sheen, it's pretty much a live rendition of the song capturing all the urgency and fire of the players who give it there all, pounding out a sick funk groove. I cannot recommend it high enough, a must have 45 for anyone interested in funk music.

Available from 27.03.2015
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