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Tuesday, Mar 10 2015 | 09:23
Image: 1595946 Koka Mass Jazz is the solo-project-turned-party from Konstantin Katsarski. Katarski is a sound designer, musician, songwriter, composer, producer, and engineer -- he does it all -- based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Konstantin could remain a solo artist, but after creating the concept of Koka Mass Jazz in 2013 a band of musicians quickly became involved. Their sound is that of a drunken funk brigade … fun and full of embellishments. Listeners can expect this talented group's work to cover styles ranging across funky breaks, nu jazz, funk, soul, and even a bit of afro-beat. Much of the music and arrangement of the songs are composed by Katarski while the lyrics are written by vocalist Denitsa Georgieva.

Their first single, "Smile”, made its way onto Cold Busted's Bust Free compilation before receiving the full remix treatment from the label's family of beat-smiths in a well-received follow-up release. That just whetted appetites for KMJ's new twelve track album Groovy Jam Shoes, where the party continues on in true, feel-good funk fashion. It features a barrage of big band energy, jam-packed with highlights. Highlights include the limb-liberating cut "Freedom" which layers on rhythmic guitar, wah-wah licks, and screeching organs. A fierce percussive workout, "Rhythm By Rhythm" unleashes rickety, afro-cuban drums, vocal scatting, and chants sure to lift dancers out of their environment and drop them into another land. "Keep The Groove" sees Denitsa's singing at its finest and most commanding while horns, sax, and flairs of a psychedelic guitar riff propel the song forward. Rounding off the album, "You Will Be Done" serves as a more introspective cool down after so much heated funk. This debut full length on Cold Busted -- Groovy Jam Shoes --leaves no doubt that the 'mass' in Koka Mass Jazz is short for massive sound. Available from 08.05.2015
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