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Friday, Mar 06 2015 | 17:10 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Model 500Digital Solutions is a culmination of a 35 year relationship with music production for the mastermind behind Model 500, techno pioneer Juan Atkins. Marking the 30th Anniversary for the first label in a genre that has taken over on a global scale, Digital Solutions is only the second full length album ever to be released on the seminal cornerstone of dance music, Metroplex Records. Definitive Detroit is what the world has come to expect from Atkins, and this selection of tracks delivers just that. Exploring both electro and straight four on the floor, Digital Solutions gives a glimpse into what will be deemed a blueprint for the next 30 years. Model 500 and Metroplex welcome you to the future with Digital Solutions.

The birth of techno and Metroplex records is an inspiring history reaching back thirty five years. Detroit during the 1970s cultivated a prolific dance music and nightclubscene. There was no techno, no house music, yet. The Electrifying Mojo was educating listeners on the airwaves, and Ken Collier was filling dance floors with eclecticmusic and diverse crowds. Detroit during the 1970s nurtured innovative and experimental approaches to musical creativity. Juan Atkins developed his musical talents in the midst of this inspired environment. He spent his youth learning to play his grand mother’s Hammond B3 organ, playing on synthesizers in the backroom of Grinnell Brothers Music House, and hearing an outstanding variety of sounds from the radio and at high school dance parties in Detroit. Atkins soon formed Deep Space Soundworks with Derrick May, and the two began DJing at parties and on Detroit radio.

By 1981, Atkins paired with Richard Davis to form the group, Cybotron, and released “Alleys of Your Mind.” Four years later, after local and international success with Cybotron, Atkins founded Metroplex, the world’s first techno record label. The first releases on Metroplex were productions by Atkins under the alias Model 500, a project that he continues to this day. On Metroplex, Atkins mentored and collaborated with a number of young, local electronic music producers and DJs, including Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes, Kevin Saunderson, and Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

With Metroplex, Atkins initiated and has sustained a global network of electronic mu sic culture. Atkins continues to give live electronic performances to audiences around the world, and collaborates with musicians like Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus of Hardwax and Tresor. Atkins’ musical creativity is as prolific as his DJing schedule. With all this global activity, Atkins and Metroplex maintain headquarters in Detroit. Civic dedication is a tenant of Detroit’s social and political life, and Metroplex is no exception. Atkins is a regular supporter of the Backpack Music Festival, a house music festival held on Belle Isle in Detroit each August, now in its eighth year. Detroit DJs perform at this outdoor festival, raising money and school supplies for elementary students in the city.

2015 marks thirty-five years that Juan Atkins has been DJing and creating techno music. Metroplex inspired countless fans with its sonic innovations and futuristic philosophies. Atkins and Metroplex continue to inspire and impress with performance innovations and musical creativity. Here’s looking forward to another thirty-five years.


01. Hi NRG
02. Electric Night
03. Standing in Tomorrow
04. Encounter
05. Storm
06. The Groove
07. Station
08. Digital Solutions
09. Control

The album Model 500Digital Solutions” (Metroplex) is going to be released March 6, 2015.

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