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Saturday, Feb 14 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1564680 The first official release from the legendary Detroit
collective Slum Village (Baatin, T3, Jay Dee) returns
with an official vinyl re-issue. While Fantastic Vol.
1 brings the now beloved raw and rugged lyricism
of the 1990’s, it is the first taste of the now heralded
production of Jay Dee that makes Fantastic Vol. 1 a
must have on wax.
What started as a local phenomenon has blossomed
into a worldwide classic thanks to the signature style
and rhyme of James Yancey. As Questlove said, “The
success that was deserved eluded the original lineup
for Slum Village...those who were 10 years tardy to the
party can find their invite within the selections of this
In addition to the entire album on two pieces of vinyl,
the 2011 version of Fantastic Vol 1. includes a bonus
7” featuring the previously unreleased “Keep It On
(Instrumental) and “Bounce Wit a N*gga”.

01. Fantastic
02. Keep It On (This Beat)
03. I Don’t Know
04. How We Bullshit
05. Fat Cat Song (Ft. Phat
06. The Look Of Love
07. Estimate
08. Hoc-N-Pucky
09. Beej-N-Dem (Ft. Beej)
10. Pregnant (T3)
11. Fourth & Back (Rock
12. Fantastic 2
13. Fantastic 3
14. This Beat (Remix)
15. 5 Ela (Remix) (Ft. 5
Elementz & Frank)
16. Give This Nigga
17. Players
18. The Look Of Love
19. Pregnant (Baatin)
20. Things U Do
21. Fat Cat (Remix) (Ft.
Phat Kat)
22. Fantastic 4
23. What’s Love Got To Do
With It
24. 2 You 4 You
Bonus 7” Single:
A1. Bounce Wit a N*gga”
B1. Keep It On
(Instrumental) Available from 20.02.2015
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