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Friday, Feb 06 2015 | 03:25
Image: 1594826 Uffe returns to Tartelet Records with his new project Radio Days.

Uffe Christensen says he's not listening to much house music these days.
"If I could," he said from his home in Amsterdam, "I'd make a jazz album."
But the Danish sound-smith doesn't sound like he's resigned himself to
make a standard dance floor record, exactly. Returning to Tartelet for the
first time since his debut release under his own name, 2012's Straess! EP,
Uffe has delivered an uncommonly graceful and assured first album,
assembled from a few years' backlog of tunes and a young lifetime's worth
of disparate musical influences.
On “Radio Days”, you'll hear shades of hip-hop (Uffe's first musical love,
he says), smoky soul, generations of jazz styles and, of course, a distinctly
Detroit strain of grooving house music—often all on the same track. But
even if you know the constituent parts, you haven't heard them pieced
together quite like this before.
„Radio Days“ turns on Uffe's toasty sound design, built from the sampled
shards of his record collection and material recorded a friend's studio in
Copenhagen. It's as warm and coaxing to the ears as a fresh tray of
chocolate cookies is to the nose. Analog synths sizzle and zap, tube amps
and surface noise hiss ever so subtly in the corners, and drums pop artfully
through spacious mixes. Uffe's self-taught as an instrumentalist, producer,
and vocalist, but his intuition is impeccable—hear it on easy floor-fillers like
"Die For You (I Won't)" and "My Luv Was Real," where hefty basslines
saunter through the ample space between cymbal splashes and Uffe's
breathy voice builds alluringly strange chords, or on tense ballads like "I
Can Show You High," a dual testament to the producer's songwriting chops
and sampling dexterity. In true Tartelet form, the sound is modern and
direct, but in form, „Radio Days“ recalls an era of true albums spread
across two sides of a single record, where each cut represents one layover
on a flight around the artist's world.
We expect your turntable's stylus hasn't cut many grooves like it.

A1. Curtains
A2. Die For You (I Won’t)
A3. My Luv Was Reel
A4. Space Loop
A5. I Can Show You High
B1. Your Reality
B2. Saw Your Laughing
B3. Lemon Nights
B4. Those Insercure Designers (Skit)
B5. For A While Available from 20.03.2015
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