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Feb 23, 2018
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Thursday, Feb 05 2015 | 06:25
Image: 1595176 This is the MC & producer duo: The Koreatown Oddity
and Ras G. 5 Chuckles was originally released on Black
Friday 2014 in a limited edition of 100 copies packaged in a
Backwoods Blunts pouch. This second edition features the
cassette in a limited O-card enclosure.
Side A is the album (8 tracks). Side B contains the
instrumentals and bonus cuts.

A1. Outro
A2. Future
A3. Ice Fetish
A4. Black Days Of Thunder
A5. Planet Nagataurus
A6. Mist Of The Blunts
A7. Cold Titty Mama 3
A8. 5 Chuckles
A9. Do “U” Pop (feat. KahiLL Sadiq)
A10. Intro
B1. Outro (Instrumental)
B2. Future (Instrumental)
B3. Ice Fetish (Instrumental)
B4. Black Days Of Thunder (Instrumental)
B5. Planet Nagataurus (Instrumental)
B6. Mist Of The Blunts (Instrumental)
B7. Cold Titty Mama 3 (Instrumental)
B8. 5 Chuckles (Instrumental)
B9. Do ‘U’ Pop (Instrumental)
B10. Live And Direct Available from 06.03.2015
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