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Saturday, Jan 31 2015 | 06:25
Image: 1595086 Imagine a world where big sales and high quality are not mutually exclusive – where hits on the radio are indeed the finest songs available, every note more valuable than the next. Now Look Closer, beyond fad or taste, beyond what is considered the norm, or what is considered "far out." Way... way out into the stars – out past Orion and the entity formerly known as the planet Pluto (or dwarf-planet for all you science brains,) and if you're lucky, you'll find two singers who have harnessed the celestial secrets to such a quandary, a duo whose sum is greater than its parts. I speak of Saun & Starr.

Fresh off the success of their record-breaking debut single 'Hot Shot' b/w 'Gonna Make Time,' S&S are back with 2 sides, equal parts complexity and subtlety - 'Look Closer' b/w 'Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah' (that's right! 7 Blahs!). 'Look Closer,' the eponymous track to their forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album, is a dark mover that creeps into your bones via the aural highway, and sticks there till you can't do anything but shake it loose on the dance floor. The flip 'Blah Blah...' is a breezy, sun-filled day of cocktails and good friends, pressed into 7" of waxen joy. Think Island Soul alla Jackie Edwards. Available from 27.02.2015
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