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Feb 23, 2018
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Friday, Jan 16 2015 | 06:26
Image: 1594770 To all our respected critics, reviewers, and wisenheimer: be prepared to listen to this album in tranquility. If you do not do so you will most likely rate this release one out of five stars. And this is something which it certainly does not deserve. This album needs time and patience to be fully understood. And if you do so you will be enlightened by the true beauty of this selection.

Not only for Don McCaslin's project Warmth the time has come for representation and appreciation. All the songs on this disc are well worth to be discovered. No matter if you skip to Jorge Darden's jazzy-soulful "Alone Again" or to Lee Stone's stunning "What Is Life". Each and every song is a masterpiece in its own right. Funky soul music fans will be pleased to get a chance to listen to Cookie Thomas and Bold Breed, two cuts which are hard to find in its original format. Rarity is one thing, quality is another. The songs to be found here are both rare and good. Better yet, until now, all of these tracks had not yet been compiled.

After Movements and Feeling Nice, two already well-established compilation series on Tramp, Praise Poems could be the start of a new successful one. It was solely the title track which lead us to release this album. Don't ask if there will be a Volume 2. We don't know yet. What we do know is that if we ever come across a similar tour de force as Don McCaslin's compostion, then there will certainly be one.

Key selling points:
- all songs appear on CD/digital for the very first-time
- the vinyl LP comes with a full album download code
- 8-page CD-booklet and deluxe double vinyl LP with detailed liner notes

1. Warmth - Praise Poems
2. Larry Covin - Carefree
3. Jorge Darden - Alone Again
4. Lee Stone - What Is Life
5. Ulysses Crockett - Resurgence
6. The P.T.S. - Dragon Rock
7. Cookie Thomas - Black Velvet Soul (Part 1)
8. Cookie Thomas - Black Velvet Soul (Part 2)
9. Bold Breed - Let Me Down Easy (feat. B.G.)
10. Larry Dismond - God of Thunder and Lightning (Shango)
11. Don Hales - Strawberries - Raspberries
12. Bobby Stroup - Wait For Me
13. Nature's Time - The Way I See It - Far Out
14. Tom Macke - Can You Understand Sacrifice
15. Gemstones - Cold Soul
16. Innerflight - Tribute To Ruffian (Part 1&2)
17. Seeds of Fulfillment - Solemn Solitude Available from 27.02.2015
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