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Image: 1594705 Finish Jazz greats Dalindeo present their new album Kallio.

Dalindeo is a Finnish jazz-sextet founded and led by composer/guitarist
Valtteri Laurell Poyhonen in 2003. Their music is a cinematic jazz creation
reminiscient of the ambience of movies by Finnish great Aki Kaurismaki
mixed with a Tarantinoesque vibe of danger and suspense. With musical
influences ranging from Duke Ellington's swing jazz to surf-guitars a la Dick
Dale, all in a setting inspired by Finnish popular music from the 1950's,
Dalindeo have created a contemporary Finnish jazz-style of their own.
In 2013 Dalindeo released their third album Kallio in Finland on the
Suomen Musiikki-label. The album won the prize of "Best Jazz Album of
2013" at the Emma-Awards, the Finnish Grammys. A musical hommage to
the Kallio-district in Helsinki, it debuted on the Finnish album-chart at
number 13, one of the highest ranking jazz albums of all time and stayed
on the chart for 6 weeks.
We at BBE are very proud to present Kallio to a wider, international
audience. Especially for the worldwide release on BBE the band added an
exclusive unreleased bonus track to the album and BBE family-member Mr
Bird did a brilliant remix of the track ¡§Rhythm of Kallio¡¨.
As a live act Dalindeo has gained a reputation as a tight and energetic
performer. The band's interplay is as tight as ever after 150+ gigs in Finland
and 12 other European countries. Dalindeo's line-up includes some of
Finland's top jazz musicians: leader Valtteri Laurell Poyhonen (guitar),
Pope Puolitaival (sax), Jose Maenpaa (trumpet), Pekka Lehti (doublebass),
Rasmus Pailos (percussion) and Jaska Lukkarinen (drums). The
line-up has stayed the same throughout the years and as this brings depth
unachieved by session-musicians to the band's interplay.

- Kallio won the Emma Awards for Best Jazz Album 2013 in Finland
and stayed in the Finish album charts for 6 weeks
- Dalindeo is a great live band, worldwide live gigs planned for Spring 2015
- Worldwide release incl. exclusive bonus track and remix by Mr Bird

1. Ota Linja 8! / Take The Line 8!
2. Karhupuiston Kuningatar / Queen of Bear Park
3. Pyöräily Hämeentiellä / Biking on Hämeentie
4. Ilta Tokoinrannassa / Evening at Tokoi-Beach
5. Kurvi-Twist
6. Jäähyväiset Hesarille / Farewell to Helsinki-Street
7. Musta Kissa / The Black Cat
8. Piritori-Shuffle
9. Ammattilaiset / The Professionals
10. Kallion Rytmi / Rhythm of Kallio
11. Pitkänsillan Parempi Puoli / Better Side of the Long Bridge
12. Pengerkadulla / On Terrace Street
13. Bonus Track: The Devil from Porthan Street
14. Rhythm of Kallio Mr Bird Remix Available from 13.03.2015
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