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Thursday, Jan 15 2015 | 09:25
Image: 1594750 Out Of The Cloud is some sort of full circle for me. It’s a
disclosure from the last EP when we moved from the house
next to the junkyard and a fabric that made coffins (from the
period I wrote Jane’s Junkyard.) We moved to a village at
the border of the Veluwe (Wenum-Wiesel.) I grew up in a
similar village near the dunes at the other side of the country,
so returning to nature has become a returning point to truly
realize where I come from.
In 2013, my girlfriend and me owned a cat that ran away
from our house next to the junkyard and never got back. After
her disappearing we picked up a brother and sister cat from
our local animal shelter that we called Sketch (named after
the numerous brown, black and red dots and stripes on her
back.) and Storm (as he’s completely black with a couple of
white spots, looking like thunder.) These are the cats that
are featured on the album cover. The week before we would
move to our cabin in the woods, our cat Sketch got injured.
She crawled under a barbed wire fence and receiving a
serious injury. During her recovery we moved and nearly
escaped from our villain landlord that destroyed our mailbox
and stole our mail that was in it. It was a dark period that can
be found on Jane’s Junkyard.
This mini-album, being an anchor point for a new timeframe,
started on the yard where we live now. The place is like an
island in a forest with a few other people living on it. It has
been an old rural farm, with plenty of space to grow our
own vegetables and find eggs. We enjoy the company of
two gooses, a horse, a total of 7 cats, 2 guard dogs and a
crazy amount of chickens walking over the place. Out Of The
Cloud is the transition between leaving all the bad things
behind and moving on. Finally in nature again, finding peace,
tranquility and balance in our lives. The isolation confronted
me a lot for who I am. This mini-album is a metaphor for
escaping and leaving super dense urban areas and enjoying
and accepting the great wide open.

A1. Birds On Bridges
A2. Timid Feathered Creatures
A3. We’re Like Clockwork
A4. Inner Imprint
B1. Nearby
B2. Turn The Tide
B3. Dappled Damp
B4. Out Of The Cloud Available from 06.02.2015
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