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Tuesday, Jan 13 2015 | 06:27
Image: 1594658 Paradise Row is a new record label put together by those fine connoisseurs of the art of the discotheque and the joy of the Gin & Tonic, Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco.

Pitched as an antidote to Paris Hilton's DJing skills and endless questions concerning the origins and true meaning of 'deep house', this imprint is all about music, fun, dancing and late night breakfasts.

Inspired by genuine (yet bonkers) visionaries such as Laidbach, War, Yello and Kenny Everett, this dynamic DJ duo draw on years of joint musical experience from collecting records to setting up labels and running record shops, plus constant touring of the globe playing music that makes people dance, whoop and occasionally take their clothes off.

Add to that more than their fair share of afters, and you get a musical ideology that stands up firmly against the pile of whack that is generally available.

You could even be tempted to call it The Real Deal
However some would call it a load of samples with a kick drum underneath it. Call it what you will...
it will make you dance, smile and wish immediately for better times, the instantaneous suspension of tedium and a ban on the wearing of socks.

So jump on board and join them down Paradise Row where the future is not 'deep' or 'smart', but it may just involve some kind of wild dancing

B2. APEROL SUNSET Available from 06.03.2015
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