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Thursday, Nov 27 2014 | 09:27
Image: 1594063 LA's finest Peaking Lights give Bart Davenport a dubby synth makeover with a California sunset flavour. After releasing his Physical World album on vinyl and cd with us earlier this year, on cassette with the über everything Burger Records, and subsequently premiering it on Pitchfork, Bart Davenport officially became the King of Cool. Surely you can't get much hipper than that? The thing is, you can. Because lo and behold, we have a remix of El Barto's "Girl Gotta Way" by none other than Peaking Lights. On 10" vinyl. With a stick-on beard tucked in the sleeve. Okay, no beard. But the other stuff is true. Without losing any of the melancholy of the original, our LA friends come up with a Balearic-via-West Coast affair, replacing some of the nostalgic sounding guitars with equally longing keyboards and gorgeous synth lines, invoking the sounds of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Beauty". Score!

1. Girl Gotta Way (Peaking Lights Remix)
2. Girl Gotta Way (Peaking Lights Dub) Available from 05.12.2014
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