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Thursday, Nov 20 2014 | 06:28
Image: 1593977 Sly and Robbie's Dubrising LP, which reunites the riddim killers with dub maestro extraordinaire Paul ''Groucho'' Smykle for the first time in more than twenty years.

Anyone unfamiliar with the work of former Island Records in-house mixing engineer Paul ''Groucho'' Smykle need only drop the needle on any one of several landmark dub reggae recordings he mixed in the 1980s and 1990s.

Smykle is back in the mix with Sly and Robbie, this time mixing a set of largely unknown recordings by the likes of Bunny Rugs (''Rumours''), Horace Andy (''Zion Gate,'' ''Rastafari Prophecy,'' ''King of Kings''), Khalifa (''Accused'') and Chezidek (''Devil You Can't Bully Me Out'', ''Surrender''). The instrumentals were recorded live at Harry J's and Anchor studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Don Donovan (Big Audio Dynamite) was brought in by Smykle to lay down synthesizer overdubs and Bunny McKenzie to add harmonica. The overdubs bring a cohesion to the mix that can be heard throughout the entire album.

Dubrising is a whimsical Taxi ride back to Channel One Studios on Maxfield Avenue, West Kingston, Sly and Robbie's Dubrising is not only the best reggae album of 2014, it is a testament to the sound and vibe that the duo created in the uncertain yet transformative post-Marley era of the early 1980s

1. Satan Fall 5.27
2. Freedom Ring 4.07
3. Drone Snipers 3.46
4. Bully Tactics 4.20
5. To The Rescue 4.39
6. No Surrender 4.45
7. Flame Thrower 4.48
8. Dub-ble Agent 3.56
Available from 05.12.2014
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