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Thursday, Nov 06 2014 | 09:28
Image: 1593759 An ambitious collection of veteran musicians, Cross My Heart Hope to Die is the eclectic multimedia project of legendary Cypress Hill founder DJ Muggs, producer Andrew Kline, vocalist Brevi, and artistic curator Sean Bonner.

Muggs and Kline, though from different musical backgrounds, share a love of a dark, cinematic music and the fusion of their talents creates something you would not expect. The sound is complemented by Brevi, who elevates the tracks with her chilling and sultry vocals. The final piece to the puzzle is supplied by Sean Bonner, a visionary who spearheads the artistic aspects of the project.

Cross My Heart Hope To Die wants to manipulate the way people find music, to bring back the thrill of discovery. Something sorely needed in a digital age where we are constantly bombarded with aural stimulation. The overall idea of the Cross My Heart Hope To Die project plays with the barriers between art and music, musician and audience, and encourages those boundaries to be shifted from one to the other.

“This isn’t just a record, it’s a piece of a soundtrack of a larger art project” - Sean Bonner


1. Two Shots
2. Crossroads
3. Tears Of God
4. Bad Boy Blues

1. Wild Side
2. Miracles
3. Lover
4. Roller Coasting Available from 12.12.2014
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