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Friday, Oct 24 2014 | 13:41 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

MunkMunk is the project of Gomma label founder Mathias Modica (“Germany’s most interesting electronic music label” The NME). Munk is best known for his collaborations with Rebolledo from Pachanga Boys (Surf Smurf), James Murphy LCD Soundsystem (Kick out the chairs), Asia Argento (Live Fast Die Old) and club hits like Down in L.A. and La Musica. He co- produced the albums of Gomma bands WhoMadeWho and Moullinex.

There is already a big buzz around Munk right now: The pre-single Southern Moon went on top of the Beatport house charts. DJs like Todd Terje, Shit Robot, Tensnake and Disclosure are playing it. Also Happiness Juice (and its superb video) is all over the blogs right now. Munk’s latest remix of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast went on No.1 of Hypemachine after it’s release in June 2014 and is one of the most blogged remixes of this summer.

The new album Chanson 3000
is the 4th Munk album. It was recorded in Berlin – where Mathias and his new vocalists live. As usual Mathias’ music doesn’t fit in any categories. It’s a mixture of 90ies Electronica and House with New Wave, 70ies Jazzfunk, Indie Disco and his love for songwriters like Burt Bacharach, Quincy Jones, Trevor Horn.
Mathias is a classically trained musician. His dad (a composer of contemporary classical music) taught him instruments since the age of five. That’s why Modica’s way of producing is so different: He mixes “real” instruments (he plays piano, synths, bass, saxophone, guitars, drums) and new digital techniques. He also has this special ability to write melancholic melodies and harmonical structures that are unusual to electronic music.
Probably that’s why so many names have been invented to describe the Munk sound: Outsider House, Digital Soul, Deep Disco – but maybe you can put it the way a German writer did: Munk sounds like you put Metronomy, Disclosure and Nicolas Jarr in a mixer and add some great soul voices. The Album has been mixed and mastered by Rob Rox (Banks) and Mark Ralph (Daniel Avery, Franz Ferdinand).

The singers
Modica was searching for new, special voices and found them in Berlin: 23 year old Lizzie Paige who was raised in Austin/ Texas where she has grown up with listening concerts of new bands at the SXSW festivals before she moved first to New York and then to Berlin.
Mona Lazette was born in Nigeria where Fela Kuti was regularly visiting her dad’s house. Later the family moved to London where Mona has been organizing underground partys, doing guestappiriances on records by Solomun, Catz ‘n Dogz and Kele before going to Berlin.

“Modica is like a German James Murphy” – The NME


01. Cartoon
02. Happiness Juice
03. The Beat
04. Southern Moon
05. Deceiver
06. Misterio
07. Transient Lover
08. Intimate Stranger
09. What Do U Want From Me?
10. Analogue Attitude
11. Desire To Believe
12. Grande Finale

The album MunkChanson 3000” (Gomma) is going to be released October 24, 2014.

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