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Friday, Oct 10 2014 | 09:28
Image: 1593089 Ten releases in and Aficionado have firmly established themselves as the go to label for those seeking something soothing and sublime to raise their spirits or move their feet.

Now Messrs Moonboots & Boardman turn the page on the next chapter in the Nado story with the earthly delights of number 11. The wrapping has changed but the gift inside is the same, blissed-out beats and sumptuous melodies perfect for the dancers and the dreamers out there.

For this latest release, our generous hosts invite a new star from the east to take us on a journey through textured sound and rhythmic pulse. A Vision Of Panorama greet us shrouded in secrecy and the mist of the unknown, preferring to speak through music than idle words.

'Southern Breeze' drifts out of the speaker on a swirl of circular sequences, driven onwards by a playful rhythm and the warm rumble of an irresistible bassline. As exotic as the title suggests, this comforting groove sways and shimmies with the delicate swell of a heat haze, setting the scene for the tropical glide of 'Time Capsule'.

This blissful serenade of transcendent chords and harmonies moves the soul as much as the feet, A Vision Of Panorama perfectly balancing the airy synth melodies with the organic weight of bass and marimba. And when you're dealing in such exotic and esoteric sounds with tropical tonality and rhythm split through a technological prism, there's only one man you can trust to reshape those sounds the right way. And thus Andras Fox returns on remix duty taking 'Time Capsule' into his tranquil world of proto-house basslines, clean and precise melodies and lilting island rhythms. It's another future classic from the antipodean producer.

On the B-Side, 'Cascade' eschews the coastal scenes and salty air in favour of a midnight drive through the back streets of the city, pairing tough drums with a heavy boogie bassline as cinematic synthlines bloom through the concrete.

'Solar Eclipse' sees A Vision Of Panorama deliver a stunning curtain call that sounds every bit like a lost end of night gem from a forgotten era. Fragile mandolin, swelling synths, rhythmic fusion and rounded bass tumble over each other to create a delicate combination of subtlety and power, taking the Quintus Project blueprint into uncharted territories.

Once again Nado have cast the net wide to shower us with sonic wonders, this is paradise music.

Officially Aficionado.

B2. SOLAR ECLIPSE Available from 21.11.2014
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