Friday, Oct 03 2014 | 03:29
Image: 1592444 The rising sun takes the lead as Jazzanova present The Japanese Remixes 12’ of their Now There Is We Single.

Since its foundation in 1997 Jazzanova always had a big following in Japan. And the
intercultural exchange with the Japanese DJ scene has been brisk ever since.
However, now for the very first time a remix 12inch jam-packed with works by artists
from the land of the rising sun.
In collaboration with Especial Records (Kyoto Massive member Yoshihiro Okino's
label) four remixes for “Now There Is We”, Jazzanova's last single, had been
commissioned. Starting things off is Kuniyuki Takahashi, producer and sound
designer from Sapporo. The Future Jazz apostle bends and breaks „Now There Is
We“ until he puts down an impelling jazz piano accompanied track which would even
bring tears to the late Frankie Knuckle's eyes.
A completely different approach is applied by Mano Arriba (Spanish for „Hands up!“):
Under his direction the song mutates to become a carnival-compliant salsa rhythm.
Absolutely striking!
Funk DJ and beat digger Yosuke Tominaga on the other hand, shovels tons of dirt
into the mix and adds a strumming electric guitar to the newly programmed beat. And
all of a sudden Jazzanova sounds like The Roots.
The fourth and last remix broadens the musical spectrum by another genre. Takahiro
Uchibori, aka Metome, from Kansai is a contemporary broken beats deputy and is a
true master of breaking down a rhythm to such an extent where it becomes an
alienated cipher.
A track that doesn't fit anywhere, but works everywhere.
Four remixes by four authors coming from four different genres but one country: You
couldn't present the diversity of Japan's current dance scene more vivid. The four
remixes also show in a wonderful way what an outstanding track “No There Is We” is
and what's all hidden in it. A real surprise egg.

A – Now There Is We feat. Paul Randolph (Kuniyuki Percussion Remix)
B1 – Now There Is We feat. Paul Randolph (Mano Arriba Remix)
B2 – Now There Is We feat. Paul Randolph (Yosuke Remix)
B3 – Now There Is We feat. Paul Randolph (Metome Remix) Available from 14.11.2014
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