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Wednesday, Oct 01 2014 | 09:54 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Martin Zobel & SoulrisePerseverance is an integral ingredient of a successful life. For their new album “Keep Planting Seeds”, Martin Zobel & Soulrise needed a whole lot of it. After the sudden and early death of their bass player Dublex, the band had to gather first and deal with this unspeakable loss. “Keep Planting Seeds” is first and foremost a tribute to Dublex, who had contributed ideas while he was already in hospital.

Life goes on. Together with Fully Fullwood, the bassist of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and many other big names of the Jamaican reggae scene, Martin Zobel & Soulrise continue to sow analog message music for the soul which they record live. Fullwood, Dublexes’ huge musical influence, took up Dublexes’ bass to completed the band again. “It was really hard for me to sit there in his place and to realize that Dublex is no longer around.”

Martin Zobel & Soulrise had prepared a basic layout of the album before they flew to California to record “Keep Planting Seeds” in Fully’s Kitchen Studio. “I rarely recorded with such a talented set of musicians,” recalls Fullwood. “Keep Planting Seeds” sounds even more varied than its predecessor “Land of the Free”, which Zobel & Soulrise had already recorded together with Fullwood. From the Nyahbinghi intro of “Wake Up” to the grand finale “Take a Draw”, “Keep Planting Seeds” offers organic roots reggae that narrates moving stories and transports emotions with few instruments. On top Marcus Urani (Groundation) is on board of this project as a guest musician on the hammond organ and features on two tracks of the album. Act, be patient, and harvest the fruits, that is the message of “Keep Planting Seeds”. Be an example through your actions instead of talking large. “Keep Planting Seeds” embodies this message musically as well. And it shows us that true perseverance can sometimes survive death.


01. Wake Up
02. My Home
03. Keep Planting Seeds
04. Living Our Dreams
05. Calling
06. Still Waiting
07. Too Much Things
08. Inspiration
09. Freedom
10. Got To Live
11. Roots Music
12. Now Is The Time
13. What Is Life
14. Take A Draw

The album Martin Zobel & SoulriseKeep Planting Seeds” (Irievibrations Records) is going to be released October 10, 2014.

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