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Saturday, Sep 27 2014 | 09:29
Image: 1592918 Chicago's Trax Records has gone down in history as being one of, if not the most important House labels. With a roster that includes luminaries such as Adonis, Armando and many, many more this accolade is more than justified.

"Acid Trax" is a loose guide to some of the above mentioned peoples music, but it is also a snapshot of the rough, lo-fi, almost bedroom quality of some of the sounds from this new wave of producers emanating from the city in the mid to late 80's. It is these sounds that captured the imaginations of people all over the world at the time and continue to inspire and influence countless contemporary producers today.

This compilation is the perfect addition to the seasoned Chicago lovers collection or it is the perfect starting point for those who have just discovered the windy city's own unique brand of jacking electronic grooves. There are plenty of classics included on here, all re-mastered and re-pressed in conjunction with Trax Records. Extended to to a double pack for a louder pressing from the original single LP version.


A1. Mr. Lee - House This House
A2. Armando - Downfall
B1. Liddell Townsell - Get The Hole
B2. Phuture Pfantasy Club - Got The Bug
C1. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Cool And Dry
C2. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Tom Tom
D1. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Shout
D2. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Two The Max Available from 17.10.2014
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