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Friday, Sep 19 2014 | 06:30
Image: 1591156 UK based record label Tiger’s Milk Records once again team up with Strut Records to release their long anticipated second compilation album, Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru's Radical Decade.

UK based record label Tiger’s Milk Records once again team up with Strut Records to release their long
anticipated second compilation album, Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru’s radical decade.
Peru Bravo tells the whirlwind story of a culture in flux. During the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Lima boasted
dozens of young bands full of ideas, spontaneous and unfazed by the instability in Peru. Featuring alternative
heroes Traffic Sound and Laghonia alongside a selection of unheralded short-lived groups, Peru Bravo is a
funk-fuelled ride through a radical decade.
Like its predecessor, Tiger’s Milk’s debut LP ‘Peru Maravilloso’, Peru Bravo digs deep. It unearths the
full spectrum of incendiary underground funk, soul and psych sounds that emerged following the first TV
performance by the Peruvian Grand Daddies of garage punk, Los Saicos in 1965.
By ‘66, there were dozens of guitar based groups in Lima playing a mix of instrumental surf, rock ‘n roll and
garage punk. With the growing influence of West coast American rock, funk and soul and British psychedelia
and rock, the underground music scene in Peru diversified rapidly. It would, however, be only a matter of
years before this burgeoning movement disappeared just as quickly as a new, uncompromising military
dictatorship led by General Juan Velasco Alvarado, took hold.
Artists on Peru Bravo include psychedelic ensembles Laghonia & Telegraph Avenue, both heavily influenced
by American West coast bands like Santana & Jefferson Airplane. Also featured are Black Sugar’s hard funk,
Traffic Sound’s rock-edged boogaloo and the raw-but-sweet harmonies of Thee Image, all under-pinned by a
deep soulfulness that pervaded much of the music of the time.
The album also features three dynamite cover versions of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’, Steppenwolf’s ‘Sookie
Sookie’ and the Meters’ ‘Cissy Strut’.
In Peru, the word ‘bravo’ has a double meaning. It can refer to something that is ‘edgy’ or ‘dangerous’ but can
also be a celebratory exclamation like in English. This collection celebrates a wonderfully brave and creative
period that lasted just a few years during the coercive and fear inducing reign of Velasco’s government.
Compiled by Duncan Ballantyne, Andrés Tapia del Rio & Martin Morales
Tiger’s Milk Records is run by Martin Morales & Duncan Ballantyne.
Martin is a producer, author, top chef and restaurateur. He oversees the award winning Ceviche and Andina
Peruvian Restaurants in London and has released a best-selling cookbook Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen,
which has been translated into eight languages.

1. Laghonia – Bahia
2. Traffic Sound – La Camita
3. Jean Paul “El Troglodita” –
Everything’s Gonna Change
4. Cacique – Cacique
5. Los Holy’s – Cissy Strut
6. Thee Image – Outasite
7. Black Sugar – Checan
8. Los Belking’s – Sabata
9. Telegraph Avenue – Sungaligali
10. Los Texao – Sookie Sookie
11. Jeriko – Hey Joe
12. Los Destellos – Onsta La Yerbita
13. Los Nuevos Shains – Pancito Caliente
14. The Mad’s – Aouh Aouh
15. Los Comandos – El Sermón

Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Chicano rock, psychedelic world styles, Barrabas, Salt, The Meters,
Jimi Hendrix, Los Van Van, Sly & The Family Stone, Novalima

- Follow up to the acclaimed compilation ‘Peru Maravilloso’
- Includes rare Peruvian cover versions of ‘Hey Joe’, ‘Sookie Sookie’ & ‘Cissy Strut’
- Tracklist features several English language tracks
- CD package includes fold-out poster from Peruvian chicha illustrator Samuel Gutierrez
- 90% of songs mastered from the original reels and tapes
- Part of Martin Morales’ Ceviche, bringing Peruvian food and culture to the UK
- Some of the most famous Peruvian bands including Black Sugar, Traffic Sound & Los Destellos

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