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Friday, Sep 19 2014 | 12:29
Image: 1592603 Music For Adverts has been one of the best received Lack Of Afro albums of Adam Gibbons entire career. And it soon became clear that the LOA fanbase, DJ's and record collectors were not going to rest until the killing, kick off track from the album Freedom (feat Jack Tyson - Charles) was released as 45 vinyl single. And here it is - the horn heavy, driving funk track pressed onto delicious wax - and just to make this 45 a super wonderful thing - the B side 'Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances' is a totally brand new track and 100% exclusive to this natty little single. Taking a step into that soul drenched, smoky 60's basement club vibe - this instrumental features the fantastic keyboard skills of long time Lack Of Afro collaborator George Cooper - who shows that he really knows his way the piano, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes. This 45 is a double whammy of deep dish funk and jazzy instrumental soul!

"Another Exceptional Offering. Pure genius" - DJ Ausar (89.3FM WRFG/
"Clean Living' is a gem. Reminiscent of Ramsey Lewis' 60s classics." - T-Bird (Something Else! Radio)
"That exclusive track is awesome!" - Mr Jason (NYC's Breakthru Radio)
"Another Exceptional Offering. Pure genius." - DJ Ausar (89.3FM WRFG/
"SuperDope!! Again !! It makes me happy that at least someone is keeping the real Funk alive. Rough and raw with killer melodies. Keep it on!!!!" - Tom Strauch (Switchstance Recordings , Ancient Astronauts)
"The instrumental cut has that Cannonball Addeley feel to it." - Borja Mocnik (Val 202,)
"Great funk influenced dance music from Lack of Afro again!" - Mark Ski (Funk by Funk show)

1. Freedom (feat. Jack Tyson-Charles)
2. Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances Available from 26.09.2014
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