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Friday, Sep 19 2014 | 12:29
Image: 1592610 Science-fiction, Italian B-movies, Psychedelia, Egyptian mythology, Sicilian landscapes - among others - all play their part throughout Condoro's 10 pieces. Keyboardist/singer/composer Julien Lesuisse (Mazalda) and drummer Anthony Charreau (Les Pythons De La Fournaise) are exploring here a variety of moods and sounds based around themes and motifs, with a dramatic/cinematic, yet humorous and light-hearted spirit.

A good half of "Condoro" is instrumental - lead by the hypnotizing sounds of Juno and Casio synthesizers, underlined by an organic and heartbeat-like drumming. The vocal tracks, beautifully sung in made-up dialects derived from English and Italian, give an even more personal touch to this epic LP. To name a few, the majestic "Conca d'Oro" evokes North African and Arabic music, the haunting "Quetzalcoatl" Neapolitan Pop and 70's progressive Rock..., A fascinating universe translated into analog soundwaves!

1. England-India
2. Twerk
3. Jungle Patrol
4. Anubis
5. Love Hunter
6. Pubu
7. Conca D'Oro
8. Drama
10. Quetzalcoatl Available from 26.09.2014
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