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Friday, Sep 19 2014 | 06:30
Image: 1592431 One word summary: DRUMS!

Enter the world of J-Zone, the self-proclaimed jack of all
trades / master of none. Truth be told, J is one of Hip Hop’s
most underrated rapper / producer / author / drummers. The
Iconic NYC native earned his stripes as a veteran producer
and MC with a string of critically acclaimed albums in the
late 90’s-2000’s and recently made his mark impact as an
author with his honest and humorous look at the music biz
in “Root For The Villain.”
Redefinition Records & The Drum Broker are proud to
bring you this special treat: J-Zone’s ‘Lunch Breaks’ is a
compilation of original and familiar drum breaks performed
and recorded by J-Zone. This break record/album is a must
have for any drum aficionado, beatmaker, producer, or
J-Zone fan. As a writer, producer, MC, and now Drummer,
the Chief Chinchilla has earned himself a cult following that
deserves nothing less than full attention. These are must
have drums!

Side A
1. Squid Nuggets
2. Banana Bread*
3. Pimp Chowder
4. Bayou Shrimp Soup (With Mo’ Salt)*
5. Buttermilk
6. Ode To Sloppy Joe
7. Molotov Malt (With Mo’ Sugar)*
8. Black and White Cookie
9. Maryland Crab Cakes
10. Stairstep Stew
11. Turkey Gizzard
12. Fish Grease*
13. Scrambled Eggs
14. Candy Kane
15. Rib Eye Steak
16. Frog Legs

Side B
17. B-Boy Biscuits*
18. Yams (Part 1)
19. Get Out My Life, Mayo
20. Hipster Food Truck Taco
21. Sardines and Collard Greens
22. Celery Strut*
23. Pancake Stax
24. Nasty Baby Carrots*
25. Hoggslop
26. Pepper Was Too
27. Green Eggs and SPAM*
28. Fried Quail
29. Fresh Sheep Sliders
30. Ginger Snaps
31. Escargot and Onion Rings
32. Zonestitution
33. Random Appetizers*

*: Bonus tracks (not available on digital version) Available from 21.11.2014
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