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Thursday, Sep 18 2014 | 12:29
Image: 1591355 Morenso Veloso is back with Coisa Boa his first album in 11 years out on Luaka Bop.

This is Moreno’s first album in 11 years!

What mindset were you in making this record, and was it different than how you thought about making records in the past?

Was there something new you wanted to accomplish?
There are many similarities between this record and records we made 10 years or so ago. The spirit, the concentration, how
we work on the sounds is very delicate. We’re always having fun but at the same time it’s not a crazy party, it’s still very
But there are also differences. On the first album, we worked on a specific sound for that band, with Domenico playing the
electronic stuff, in hopes of mixing the traditional Brazilian way of singing and guitar playing with a weird, electronic, new
sound. Now, we’re not thinking of that as much, just trying to make something we like and that’s a new way of doing things
for us. Before, we wanted to make it sound very new, but now we’re not trying to do that, just trying to do music. The recordings
were mostly done in Rio, but in total there were 9 different studios, some in Japan, some in Salvador, some in New
York. We just worked with friends, there were like 50 people involved in the record, and more than 30 musicians contribute
some sound to it.

Is it important to you to have other people with you during the process?
It’s not just important. Without my friends I could not make anything. I’m very shy, I’m very lazy, I get insecure about how
people feel when they hear our music. My friends are like fuel, they just make me work. On this record I worked with Pedro
Sa, another friend, he’s a guitar player that works with my father, Caetano, right now. The last three albums my father made,
he and I produced them. We formed this partnership very easily. He came to me and said, “let’s do another album, your
album.” I said I don’t know, but he said, “No no let’s do it! This is the time!” I was just living in Bahia when he came to me
and he just drove me to make it. We made it together, we produced the album together and that was amazing--A gift from
my friends. I’ve had a lot of fun with this album. Of course it’s very emotional sometimes, but I still like it when I listen to it
so I think, “Well that’s ok, let’s put it out.”

Will you play many shows?
Right now I don’t have a band together. I spoke to some other people
who are drummers and bassists, and they were ready to do it but we
haven’t really rehearsed yet. We plan to start playing in February or January.
There will be press and there will be radio!

3 songs in the new Richard Linklater film “Boyhood”
Appears on “Beats in Space” July 15th in conjunction with the film release.

Tracklist LP,
A1. Lá e cá
A2. Um passo à frente
A3. Em todo lugar
A4. Verso simples
A5. Coisa boa
B1. Jacaré coruja
B2. Num galho de acácias
B3. De tentar voltar
B4. Não acorde o neném
B5. Hoje
B6. Onaji sora Available from 17.10.2014
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